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TrainRelief Product Information

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TrainRelief is a program that helps nursing homes and assisted living facilities track in-service attendance and maintain compliance with federal and state regulations.  It automates much of the clerical work that consumes hours of valuable time, and it provides essential information at your fingertips.

The Benefits Of Using TrainRelief

TrainRelief offers facilities several important benefits:

It improves compliance and reduces liability risks

It eliminates many hours of administrative work every month

It can reduce training expenses by thousands of dollars every year

You can read more about these benefits on the following pages.


The price to use TrainRelief is just $40 per month.  There are no additional fees, and you are not locked in for a minimum time period – you can cancel at any time without penalty.  We don’t require a long-term commitment, because we’re confident you will be happy with TrainRelief.

Computer Requirements

All you need is a computer with Internet access.  It’s as simple as that.  Nothing is installed on your computer.  We give you a User ID and a Password, and after that you can use TrainRelief from any computer with Internet access.  All you have to do is go to our website ( and sign in with your User ID and Password.

Free Demonstration

Call us if you would like to see a demonstration of the actual TrainRelief program – it only takes 10 minutes and it’s done over the phone.  You will see exactly how the program tracks compliance, logs attendance, generates employee documentation, and you’ll see the different reports that are available.  There’s no obligation for taking the demo, and there’s no substitute for seeing the actual program!  All you need is a computer with Internet access.

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The Benefits Of Using TrainRelief

It improves compliance and reduces liability risks

TrainRelief keeps track of the in-service requirements for every staff position, and then it automatically tells you which employees have not yet fulfilled their requirements.  It also calculates deadline dates and warns you of approaching deadlines, so you can make sure any make-up in-services are completed before it’s too late.  You don’t have to search through employee records, you don’t have to search through sign-in sheets, and you don’t have to worry about someone getting overlooked.  Instead, in a matter of seconds, TrainRelief gives you the information you need to stay compliant.

Furthermore, if an employee fails to attend mandatory training and is subsequently responsible for an incident that the training may have prevented, the facility may be held liable.  That liability could be extremely costly, but what’s worse is that a resident may have suffered unnecessarily.  TrainRelief helps you avoid that scenario by giving you an easy way to make sure everyone attends the training needed to minimize the risk of incidents.

It eliminates many hours of administrative work every month

TrainRelief eliminates much of the administrative work that is normally required to track in-service attendance – we have customers who are saving more than 10 hours every month because of TrainRelief!

Here are some of the ways TrainRelief eliminates administrative work:

Automatically Creates Employee In-Service Reports.  TrainRelief eliminates the need for maintaining handwritten in-service logs for each employee.  Instead, TrainRelief automatically creates in-service reports for each employee showing you the in-services they’ve completed along with the total hours for the year.

Automatically Creates In-Service Sign-In Sheets.  Every time you schedule an in-service, TrainRelief will automatically create an in-service sign-in sheet with the names of the employees who need to attend already printed on it.  Not only does that tell you who needs to be there, but it also provides you with legible documentation that can be used to verify employee attendance.

Automatic Compliance Tracking.  You don’t have to spend time reviewing employee in-service records.  Instead, TrainRelief shows you in a matter of seconds which employees still need to complete a particular in-service, and which employees have not yet completed the required in-service hours.  TrainRelief even warns you of approaching deadlines!

Certificates Of Attendance.  In addition to employee in-service reports, TrainRelief lets you automatically print certificates of attendance for everyone who attended a particular in-service.  Employee and in-service information is automatically filled in, and you can customize the other information that appears on each certificate.

Reduces Make-Up In-Services.  With TrainRelief, you can instantly see which in-services need to be re-scheduled and which ones don’t.  As a result, you don’t waste time scheduling in-services that everyone has already completed.

In-Service Hours Report.  TrainRelief includes a report that shows you the in-service hours completed over a period of time by a particular group of employees.  This feature can save you lots of time when preparing cost reports.

Performance Review Reminders.  TrainRelief also includes a report that shows you which employees were hired in a particular month, so you can make sure their performance reviews have been completed on time.

It can reduce training expenses by thousands of dollars every year

The cost of the administrative work that TrainRelief eliminates can be thousands of dollars, especially if nursing professionals are the ones doing that work.  And there are more ways that TrainRelief can reduce expenses.  It can help you make your Staff Education Plan more efficient, by allowing adjustments you may not have considered because of the extra administrative work that would have resulted.  For instance, there may be annual training that only needs to be repeated once every 2 years, or maybe not at all, or maybe only for certain staff positions.  Perhaps some staff positions don’t need certain in-services or need them less often.  You can make these types of adjustments without creating additional work, because TrainRelief will still let you know which in-services need to be scheduled, who needs to complete them, and what the deadline for completion is.

In addition, sometimes employees attend make-up in-services even though they’ve already attended the same in-service earlier in the year.  TrainRelief can eliminate that unnecessary expense because for every in-service you schedule, TrainRelief automatically generates a list of the people who need to attend.  You can post that list when you schedule the in-service, so employees can easily see who needs to attend and who doesn’t.

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Customer Comments

"TrainRelief has made a HUGE difference in the time I spend on staff development each month.  I am saving on average up to 10 hours per month on recording inservices, as I was having to do them by hand.  Now, it's as easy as a click of a button – 20 mins. top.  It is also much easier to ensure compliance with mandatory inservices as this program will tell you approaching deadlines and let you see as a whole who still needs an inservice.  This program is easy to use and has made the stress of staff development much easier to manage."

Jennifer Richardson, RN, BSN
ADON / Risk Manager / Staff Development

"TrainRelief, both economical and efficient, has saved me many hours each month documenting inservices.  However, the greatest feature for me is the ability to pull up the individual inservice reports at staff evaluation time; and the whole house reports in finding who still needs to attend mandatory annual inservices.  This software has helped both staff education and administration in our various job duties.  In addition, I have used the individual inservice reports to share with the state surveyors when they pick random personnel files to audit."

Carol Kelly, MSEd, RN, BC
Staff Development

"With over 200 employees to keep track of regarding training and educational requirements, I needed a program that was easy to use and time efficient.  It now takes just minutes to input and retrieve information.  The program allows me to monitor, track and print all training records quickly and has been customized to fit the needs of the facility."

Hannah Mand, RN
Staff Development Coordinator

"Thank you so much for inventing the TrainRelief program.  It is wonderful to be able to look on the computer and click a button and have all the inservice info at my fingertips.  This has saved me many hours of handwritten material, which allows me more time to prepare for my inservices.  Again, thank you so much for the TrainRelief program."

Joanne Johnson, R.N.
Risk Manager

"Prior to TrainRelief, I was spending approximately 8 hours a month logging inservices for each of our employees.  The software has really saved me time, and is so convenient to use.  It now takes 15 minutes to log in each of the employees who have attended an inservice."

Linda Ames RN, BSN, RNLC
Director of Risk Management

"Why would I recommend it?  That is simple – it allows you to keep accurate records of your staff's inservice hours with very little work.  At the touch of a button you can determine what inservices any staff member has had or needs to receive."

Bob Pate, NHA